Gender equality done with anything less


I'm done

A short, 1-minute film written, directed, and produced by the women of Rens.

This short film presents various women voicing their frustration with the challenges and stereotypes they face in their everyday lives. Despite their different backgrounds and nationalities, these women all share the same hardships and desires—to stop fighting for what they deserve, to be heard, to be respected, and most importantly, to be equal.

They are joined by Sonya Barlow, a TedxSpeaker and the founder of the Like Minded Females Network (LMF network) that bridges the skills gap through workshops, mentorship & community. Sonya collaborated with the women of Rens in this short 1-minute film to share her own experiences and those of her community to promote strength and courage, not only on March 8th, but for the remaining 364 days of the year.

We are an international group of diverse sneakerheads all united under a common cause: making the ultimate sustainable sneaker for the culture and the planet. There is no culture without full inclusion.

As an immigrant-owned-and-operated brand with team members from over 9 countries and 3 continents, we are fully committed to equality for all. It’s not just a core value, it’s who we are.

We choose to challenge gender discrimination and inequality.

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