About us

A collective of sneaker enthusiasts who know that the choice between style, versatility and sustainability doesn't have to be a choice at all.

Founded in the heart of Helsinki, Finland, Rens started as a conversation between two sneakerheads about the environmental impacts of the global sneaker industry and the less-than-stylish sustainable options on the market.

They knew it could be done better.

Since that day, the pair have assembled a group of like-minded misfits from all over the globe to produce the sneaker that they always wanted. The world's first sneaker made from coffee and recycled plastic launched to the world in the summer of 2019. Now, thousands of people from every corner of the planet are sharing in that original vision: sustainability doesn't have to be boring.

Together, Rens will continue to produce design-driven, feature-rich apparel that is sustainable by default.

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male model wearing rens coffee sneakers classic white