artic black sneaker
Arctic Black - Rens Coffee Sneakers
Arctic Black - Rens Coffee Sneakers
Arctic Black - Rens Coffee Sneakers
Women's Coffee Sneakers - Arctic Black
Arctic Black - Rens Coffee Sneakers
artic black sneaker
Arctic Black - Rens Coffee Sneakers
Arctic Black - Rens Coffee Sneakers
Arctic Black - Rens Coffee Sneakers
Women's Coffee Sneakers - Arctic Black
Arctic Black - Rens Coffee Sneakers
Rens V2

Women's Coffee Sneakers - Arctic Black

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100% Vegan | 100% Waterproof
Made from Recycled Coffee

Arctic Black takes inspiration from the polar night found in the northernmost landscapes of our planet. Born from the pure white snow resting beneath an endless Nordic night, Arctic Black brings a touch of ice to our collection.
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Footwear that fears no forecast. Stay dry on the move no matter where life takes you with breathable comfort.


Our innovative waterproof technology contains micro-perforations that allow air and water vapor to pass while offering complete protection from water penetration. By fully submerging the fabric in water, you can see how each one of those bubbles is a little breath of fresh air for your feet.

Let's break it down

Coffee Reincarnated

We start with post-industrial plastic and used coffee grounds to create a workhorse material that can carry you anywhere. Our coffee knit provides a personalized fit designed to hug your foot and conform to your natural movement.

100% Waterproof

AquaScreen Nano Tech™ lets air in, keeps water out and stops odor-causing bacteria in its tracks. Stop skipping puddles and start aiming for them.

ReFlex Comfort Insole

Our removable insoles are constructed with a full-recycled sockliner and a unique blend of performance EVA and memory foam for all-day support and comfort.

High-Performance Midsole

Built with an ultralight and flexible midsole to provide advanced impact-resistance and responsive cushioning for even the most active lifestyles.


Effortless style meets lightweight comfort. A minimalistic design, ultralight midsole, and knit construction all add up to a serene sneaker experience. Heavy on features but feather-light on your feet.


Designed to be earth-friendly and feet-friendly. Rens fuse used coffee grounds and recycled plastic bottles to create a lightweight, long-lasting sneaker while reducing waste and increasing comfort.


Rens’ unique coffee material traps odors and fights the little monsters that make them. Our innovative fiber contains tiny micro-pockets that trap unpleasant odors and inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria.



Are Rens really 100% vegan?

Yes, all materials, dyes, and adhesives are 100% vegan! No animals were harmed in the making of these awesome sneakers.

What’s your return policy?

For orders from our global store, we offer a one-time 30-day exchange. To get this exchange and/or for more info about exchanges, returns and refunds, please contact

Please note: Only new and unworn shoes are accepted for return, with all tags attached and the original packaging contents enclosed in the original box. We reserve the right to reject any returns, requests for exchanges, or refunds if the item does not meet the above requirements

Why use Coffee to make sneakers?

Food waste is a leading driver of greenhouse gas emissions. Did you know that the world consumes nearly 2.5 billion cups of coffee every day?

We can’t solve the problem of coffee waste alone, but we can show the world how this material can be used to make awesome products.

Do you offer wide sizes?

Rens come with standard, medium-size width however the 4-way stretch material may be flexible enough to comfortably accommodate a slightly wider fit.

How should I clean my Rens?

We recommend using a small amount of any standard, non-solvent based detergent, and a clean cloth to wipe away any grime that won’t come off with a quick rinse.

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